About Us

High Roller Express™ provides a luxury, five-star, first-class experience via mobile ground transportation. USMC veteran Milton Armstrong, AKA AJ, has devised a series of offerings to take you where you need to go, be it for business, leisure or necessity. Fully flexible, you can hire the Hire Roller Express™ by the hour/day. Book on our Winery tour and we will whisk you away to the wonderful world of wine in the Temecula Valley, or for a truly unique experience, travel nonstop from San Diego, CA, to Las Vegas, NV. The vehicle is equipped with an abundance of features including, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, hand-crafted leather interior, and a restroom. Our concierge service caters to our clients’ every need and this is what sets us apart from our rivals.

What we do

Our aim

The run the finest high-luxury limo transportation service with a host of on-board facilities and amenities. With no fixed time schedule (except the wineries tasting tours), we can travel when it suits you and transparent pricing, we know ours is the best in San Diego, CA. All we want our guests to do is board the vehicle and we take it from there.

Where do you travel to?

Anywhere! We originally set out to run a shuttle service between San Diego and Las Vegas but have adapted to provide chauffeur-driven journeys to anywhere our clients need to go. We are also delighted to offer Wineries Tasting Tours to some of the best wineries in the Temecula valley.

My trip doesn’t fit your standard offerings

Not a problem. We can tailor your journey(s) to suit you, picking you up from and returning you to your chosen address, be that home or workplace. We operate round the clock so there's no limit to your journey time.

What’s different about you?

Our is the only transportation service to include an on-board concierge who takes care of our clients’ every need, from food and refreshments, to making additional arrangements or reservations on the way to your destination.

8 seats but you only sell 7?

Simply, we want our guests to travel in comfort. The layout features four single seats at the front, two forward- and two rear-facing. Behind are two couches facing each other and to ensure our passengers have as much leg room as possible, we limit the number of seats that can be booked. The exception is our wineries tasting tours, when we are pleased to offer the 8th seat to a designated driver on a complimentary basis.

Tell me about the vehicle.

High Roller Express™ is a custom converted Mercedes Benz 3500-170 Sprinter van. The vehicle features eight-passenger seating, a state-of-the-art entertainment system, and a restroom. The vehicle is not only equipped with an abundance of features and amenities but it also entails hand-crafted leather interiors that will rival most private jets.